A Living Fairytale is a locally owned family business that is proud to present you with the best of children’s entertainment. We specialize in not only birthday parties, but also daycare parties, mall shows, holiday parties, charity events, business, corporate, and special events. The possibilities are endless! The entertainers are highly trained in acting and modeling. The dresses are gorgeous ball gowns that are authentic and breath taking. The performers are highly knowledgeable of the character they are portraying. Our promise to you is to make this special day a memory that will last forever!


Charlyn Azure, Founder & Early Childhood Educator

Once upon a time, Charlyn’s love for children began the journey of A Living Fairytale. A career working with children is what drove her to complete her Early Childhood Education and receive a diploma from Red River College. While being a preschool teacher, singing and dancing were just a few of the precious moments in a day’s work. Modeling and acting have also been a part of her life since she was a teenager. She’s studied acting throughout school and then sought out a renowned class at Capilano College in British Columbia.She continued her education in acting here in Winnipeg and has been moving forward ever since. Modeling has been another passion. She has been represented by Panache Management for ten years.
Combine all of these and you have a performer that will you give you only the best of quality. As a child she loved the enchanted elements of the fairy tale princess stories. She loves the magic, true love, and endless possibilities.
This family owned and operated business takes pride in their clientele. Repeat bookings are the foundation of their business so reputation is everything. They will strive to make sure your little one’s special day is outstanding! The children will not believe that their parents brought them a real life princess to their party. They all lived Happily Ever After.