Ice Princess


Our Frozen Ice Princess character party is one of our most requested princess parties that we are providing right now, not to mention her enchanted sister, the Frozen Ice Queen. When you include A Living Fairytale’s Frozen Ice Princess as a part of your Frozen themed birthday party or special event, you and your little one will be sure to have the magical experience you’ve been dreaming about. From the moment she steps into the room, your children will be amazed by the magic of her voice and thrilled with the entertainment she brings until the very moment she blows her goodbye kiss. This will be a memory to cherish forever!

A Living Fairytale provides all of your child’s favorite Frozen characters including Ice Princess, Olaf the Snowman and the Ice Queen are available here to make your next party truly unforgettable.


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Package Options
an interactive play performed by the princess.
Tiara Craft
a foam shaped crown art activity.
Necklace Beading
beads and lace to make their own necklace design.
Make up and Face Glitter
eye shadow, glitter, blush, lip gloss, with gems to finish the look.
a file, buff, and polish (clear with sparkles) along with a mini hand dryer to set.
Temporary Tattoos
a wide variety of girl and boy tattoos.
Tea Party
great photo opportunity where the children get to mingle with the princess and drink “tea” (tea and/or lunch provided by host).
Princess Games
traditional low organized games with a princess theme (ex. musical mats).
Show and Tell
Ariel sea treasures (ex. coral, seashells, and dinglehoppers, etc.).
Cupcake Decorating
cupcakes, icing, candy, and spoons are provided to design their own treat.
Photo Opportunity
create your own background and capture that special moment to share.
familiar nursery songs with a princess twist.
Singing and Dancing
a princess with boom-box in hand brings royal and dance.
guests learn to curtsey, wave, and smile like a princess.
Royal Coronation
the royal proclamation will be read and the birthday girl will be crowned.
Happy Birthday Song
presentation of the cake and the song for the birthday girl and option to have birthday cake along with her favorite character.
Gift Opening
The princess sits with the birthday child while she opens her gifts.
Treasure Hunt
the princess has the parent hide the clues and the children choose a treasure from the box at the end of the adventure.
Bubble Party
each child receives their own wand they keep as we dance along with the music.
Icicle Craft
beads used on a pipe cleaner with ribbon to create a special icicle decoration.
Face Painting
a swirl of colors to complete a special piece of art on the children’s faces.
Marshmallow Olaf
pretzels, and candy corn used to create their own Olaf decoration.